228 Cherry St. Lafayette, LA

3400 sf Ongoing Renovation of Mrs. Faulk’s Nursery School

The architecture office is located in a 100 year old Acadian home that was once Mrs. Faulk’s Nursery School. For many years this large home, located near downtown Lafayette, served the children of the community. Now it is both a single family home and the office and an apartment. Large rooms, great light, and traditional details make this ongoing project interesting and challenging. For the last 10 years, the renovation has reworked the house bringing back the front porch, reestablishing the center hall, highlighting the new parts of the house (white) with the original (grey) and establishing a constant throughout. Every room has been reworked, every surface touched more than once, many materials have been replaced, however, the historical space has been preserved and the character of the school house maintained. It’s old, it’s big, and it’s a little bit old.