ALLUVIALcity, Ycloskey, LA

exhibition: created for the 2010 Venice Biennale US Pavilion “Workshopping”

Palisade Bay / Mississippi Delta: Constructing with Water

ALLUVIALcity speculates an architecture for a refurbished wetlands east of New Orleans along and across the closed MRGO waterway. It is designed in synthesis with a comprehensive engineering speculation for five major Mississippi waterway diversions. The diversion projects construct land with water refurbishing the salt infiltrated wetland ecosystem with the rich, silt-laden, fresh water from the mighty Mississippi. The architecture of ALLUVIALcity imagines humankind’s occupation of nature as a more symbiotic system of ‘both-and’; ‘both-and’ must become the culture of habitation. The architecture works to preserve (stabilization of the historic Fort Proctor) to maintain (continued access to Lake Borgne, to develop (tourist and commercial fishing port), to secure (safe harbor and light house) and to contribute (erosion control systems.) This project envisions new tectonics where nature and buildings work as integrated infrastructure to become active agents for the greater good and a more viable future.

This project was completed as part of a larger project within the Louisiana State University Coastal Sustainability Studio. There are many partners including but not limited to Jeff Carney, Jori Erdman, Brandon Maggiore, Clint Wilson, Elizabeth Mossop, Lynne Carter, and Robert Twilley.