Dupree Pool and Pool House.  Baton Rouge, LA

1200 SF pool house, swimming pool and landscape

After a contemporary renovation of their Colonial home, the clients desired to expand their modern living areas into the backyard. The clients requested a series of spaces that would accept a wide range of uses from formal cocktail parties to family recreation. The first phase consisted of a pool and landscape that would eventually become an integral part of the second phase; a pool house / guest quarters. 

The pool and landscape act as a series of interlocking, multi-use spaces. The pool is planned as a series of rooms at various depths that interlock with the decking. The decking in turn, locks into the surrounding green spaces. Like a Greek meander, the lines between pool/deck and deck/green space sometimes turn into each other. You can be on the deck and in the pool. You can be on the grass and in the deck.  The program interlocks in a similar manner. The pool offers a lap pool, deep diving and swimming, sitting, and access step areas that all retain separate identities while flowing into each other. On the deck there is a large congregational space, an island in the pool, and smaller individual spaces.

The pool house / guest quarters are in development. The proposed schemes continue the strategy of interlocking, varied size, and multi-use. The program must connect to the existing house and the new pool. It must accommodate changing areas, outdoor kitchen, bathroom, guest room, and multi-use space.