Iota House. Iota, LA

1800 SF Home Addition and Renovation

In a small town in the rice country of Louisiana, the Iota House is both rehabilitation and a modernization. While rehabilitation appears clear, it is compounded by a desire to make the house more modern. The first goal of this project is to rejuvenate a 100-year-old bungalow. The house belonged to the client’s grandparents and remains a family heritage. It has had many modifications over the years, aged normally, and suffered the sporadic but typical damage of Rita. The client desires the 2 bedroom/office house with one small bathroom to become a 3 bedroom/2 bath with one bedroom/bath combination. This bed/bath combination is to act dually as a master bedroom/office suite. The client also requests that we find some way to incorporate the corner lot better with the house, add a carport, central heating/air, and landscaping. The resolution lies somewhere between what is and what will be. It consists of 2 outbuildings (an outhouse and carport) that become part of the original structure with the aid of a wrap-around porch. Like most of our projects, the porch is integral to the solution. It satisfies the client’s goals, serving as a slip joint between the new and the old, and in the end, harmonizes the scheme both internally and externally.