Jeeves House. Lafayette, LA.

2800 SF, 4 bed, 2.5 bath.

The Jeeves House is located in a design covenant controlled subdivision. Within the strict parameters, the owners desire a contemporary home with modern features. The site is very small promoting high density in this TND neighborhood. The home maximizes the site occupancy allowed and creates an internal exterior space with a large courtyard. This exterior interior blurs with the interior exterior through a 12' glazed door/wall system. Through this design act, the owners can have a private yard in an otherwise very dense community.

Internally the home consists of 2 major conditions, public and not. The public space consists of living, dining, and cooking. These activities are paralleled in the exterior courtyard blurring the interior with the exterior and expanding the capacity. in the interior, the public realm is highlighted by a shifting plane ceiling that creates spatial boundaries and alcoves for lighting features. The not public spaces lie immediately adjacent to the public, separated by barn doors and alcoves. Three bedrooms, an office, and two and a half baths align the public realm. As the owners desire a place that is easy to navigate and clean as they get older, the home is all on one level, with no transitions, and surfaces easy to traverse: epoxy, bamboo, and tile.

This is a home of two faces, an external condition that addresses a Louisiana suburban neighborhood context and design covenant; an interior that is completely open, modern, and avoids over-detailing.