Maxie Grave. Maxie, LA

1 acre Grave plot renovation, Refurbished and Master Planned family plot with new Memorial Area

In the Louisiana Rice fields their lies a country graveyard. With graves dating back to the early 1800’s, the graveyard suffers from subsidence and crawfish erosion. The client’s family graves are sinking and the first question is how to refurbish the family plot. The second question is how to create a place for reflection and tribute to the family. Our answer is to provide a living environment of plants and drainage pools that simultaneously stabilize burial grounds and create areas for the client and his family to pay tribute. The solution will frame and designate the family plot, organize the grounds for future development, while also contributing to the overall organization of the cemetery. In conclusion, the solution uses living plants and the dynamic patterns of water drainage to preserve and sustain the client’s site for memory and reflection.